The Blossom Speaker is created with a matte finish of finely textured plastics, making it portable, sleek, lightweight, and smooth to the touch. It has an audio dispersing cone that can be adjusted into a stable cylinder body for accessibility and convenience. The cone also functions as a protective shell for the sensitive speaker cloth cover. Also, when the cone moves, it serves as a power switch of the speaker.

The audio dispersing cone is made of malleable spandex material that attaches the Blossom Speaker's main geometries while providing a fantastic illusion of the cone balancing itself at the most minimal point. The sensitive speaker cloth cover stretches and keeps a neatly wrapped form as the cone moves along its rail mechanism.

The Blossom Speaker is a product concept for Lexon, a famous and reliable product brand. It is a convenient and portable Bluetooth speaker with the ability to rotate 360° to provide exceptional listening experience. Once it's turned on, it will form something like a stunningly blossomed flower that's been streamlined into geometric shapes: cylinder and cone.

The cone geometric shape produces the finest audio from top to bottom while projecting it in every direction. When you use the Blossom Speaker, it allows you to listen clearly to your favorite playlist even when you're on the opposite side from where it is placed. It is an example of a reliable and worthwhile product that uses its aesthetics as a function. The iconic shape of this geometrically-designed speaker looks simple yet beautiful and elegant for your home's interior.

If you're interested in the Blossom Speaker you can contact Bebop Designers for the price and process on how to purchase it. The geometrically-designed speaker is available in various colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, and White.

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Blossom Speaker Combines Aesthetics and Functionality into a Small, Lightweight Speaker
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