As anyone who has visited the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex down in Florida will tell you, freeze-dried ice cream really is nothing new. You know what is, though? Delicious freeze-dried ice cream. Now that Cosmik Freeze-Dried Ice Cream is on the scene, you can actually enjoy tasty powdery ice-cream-like treats that will literally never melt. Like, ever.

This 100% organic, ultra-decadent ice cream starts off its life in Brooklyn before ending up on store shelves and eventually in your belly. Their secret for unlocking such great tastes? An added dash of sea salt is added to every batch right before spending a day in the freeze dryer. The end result being a delectable treat that you can enjoy — even if you don’t care that much about the history of space exploration. Comes in four delicious flavors which you can discover as soon as you order your own via the link below.

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Blast Off To Flavortown With Cosmik Freeze-Dried Ice Cream!
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