Before the reign of Apple, Samsung, and Pixel, there was a trademark that everybody loved, particularly the working class. Who would forget the first phone that has the email function and the physical keyboard that made typing so much easier that even book authors would write their novels using it? The phone so secure even the former head of the state couldn’t live without it.

Sad to say, mobile security is no longer the primary concern of consumers, and email integration has been available in almost every smartphone today.

Consequently, more and more users switched to app-wealthy phones leaving the Blackberry market share significantly low.

In an effort to regain its former glory, Blackberry has been using the Android OS in it latest smartphones; one of which is the KEYone.

The silver edition has been out for quite a while; the black edition has just been launched.

BlackBerry-KEYone-Limited-Black-Edition specs

What’s with the BlackBerry KEYOne black edition?

Fully Android. If you’ve been an Android user, getting the KEYone won’t be alien to you because it is 100% Android. All the apps you’ve been enjoying in your Android Nougat phone is in the KEYone too.

Physical keyboard. Despite the innovations on the virtual keyboard other phones have today, nothing still beats typing with a physical one. Once you have memorized QWERTY or AZERTY setup, you can type even with your eyes closed.

Customizable shortcuts. You are given more than 50 ways to assign a shortcut to every key on the chiclet-style keys. This gives you, of course, faster access to apps. To illustrate, you may assign Browser to B and Instagram to I. Long pressing these keys will instantly take you to these apps.

Flick to type. Predictive texts are common to a lot of smartphones, but what makes the KEYone different is you can flick the suggested words onto your screen.

Touch navigation. The keyboard is not only for typing characters; it’s for navigation too. It’s like a trackpad for your phone, making it easier for you to scroll through looooong messages or webpages.

BlackBerry Hub. If you use your phone mostly for business transactions, you’ll find the Hub very handy. All your messages are in one place reducing the time and effort of going through each app looking for the reason your woman replied with a “K.”

But jokes aside, having the Hub makes it easier for you to find any of your messages be it in the cloud or local storage.

You can also customize alert rules such as setting up Vacation Mode (name and settings are user-assigned) to notify you only when there are messages from your non-business apps otherwise known as social media.

Security. Just as all the other Blackberry handsets, the KEYone makes sure your privacy is not compromised. It has DTEK software, among others, that monitors your phone’s security and privacy. It also comes with built-in fingerprint sensor.

Long lasting battery. We know other fruits whose batteries do not last the entire day but not this BlackBerry. The 3505 mAh non-removable battery ensures it lasts longer than your patience for the entire day.

Other specs and details

Image source: BlackBerry

Image source: BlackBerry

Image source: BlackBerry

Image source: BlackBerry


While the phone is great at productivity and security, it’s not made for everyone. If you are after entertainment and selfies, the KEYone may not be to your liking.

The octa-core chipset is fast for multitasking, but for heavy gaming you may find it a bit annoying. The 3:2 aspect ratio may also be an eyesore if you love watching videos, particularly if you’re used to watching 16:9 videos. The mono speakers are not ideal for entertainment seekers either.

Taking selfies may also a bit of a challenge due to the cameras low performance in low light areas. So it’s either you take pictures in well-lit places or always take the other fruit with you.

Why the BlackBerry KEYone?

If you don’t find the preceding information a downer, then the KEYone may work for you. If you are after typing even with eyes closed, saving time looking for old messages, seeing all notifications in one place, ensuring your privacy isn’t compromised, but want a bit of entertainment on the side, this is the phone you are looking for.

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