Black Friday brings out shoppers from all corners of society, each with the same purpose: to save a few bucks on the crap they don’t need. And depressingly enough, many times it’s the same exact crap. How unoriginal! Today we bring you Black Friday alternatives. You probably won’t find these in your big-box retailer’s circular, but they would be awesome to have just the same.


The Singing Machine iPad Karaoke System

What better way to celebrate a family holiday than with a singing competition? By purchasing the Singing Machine iPad Karaoke System, you’ll be able to host your very own episode of The Voice at that next family gathering. It’s your chance to impress everyone with those hidden vocal chops. Just dock your iPad, open any karaoke app, and start wailing your best Mick Jagger. The built-in speakers will either make you sound like a rock star or a rock head. Either way you will be heard.

Where do I get it? Amazon

How much? $130

cinemin swivel

WowWee 8410 Cinemin Swivel

WowWee has developed a cool stocking stuffer the movie lover in your life will love. Compatible with the iPhone and iPod, this basically turns your smart phone into a movie projector that’s even capable of throwing its image onto your ceiling. While you’re not dealing with the highest resolution in the world the technology is sound, and it adds a layer of convenience to our already convenient lifestyles. We are so spoiled!

Where do I get it?

How much? Varies

potty putter

Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game

Sometimes a chatty wife or obnoxious kids can make you feel like dumping all the cares of the world into a game of golf. What better way to do just that than while sitting on the throne and mastering your putting game? This ingenious bit of awesomeness from Blue Foot Products will have you in stitches at least until you find out how useful it is in building the fundamentals of your putting game. Your guests will enjoy it too, but then you may not want their hands on your club.

Where do I get it? Amazon

How much? $17

tetris lamp

Tetris Desk Lamp

If you added up all the games of Tetris that I’ve played in my lifetime, you would end up with days of wasted gaming and one very depressed inStash writer. But really who can blame me? Tetris is the coolest game of all the puzzle games out there,and one of the best of all time, period. To make sure that you cannot get away from its influence, even when not playing the game itself, you should pick up this Tetris desk lamp from Amazon. It will get you through until you can start your next game. And seriously, if that sounds like you join me in getting help from a qualified professional.

Where do I get it? Amazon

How much? $30

nerdtendo gameboy flask

Nerdtendo GameBoy Flask

If there’s one piece of bar gear that we really like around here it is the flask. Something about having your own little liquor box that you can carry with you wherever you go, is just very appealing to us. And the only thing better than a flask is a flask with personality. That’s exactly what you get with the Nerdtendo GameBoy flask. It’s an eight-ounce salute to the classic GameBoy system that any old-school gamer will enjoy.

Where do I get it? ThinkGeek

How much? $20

motion synth

Motion Synth

These days, our smartphones do everything, so why not add musical instrument to the mix? That’s what AUUG figured when they launched their Kickstarter for the Motion Synth. This product turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an intuitive and expressive motion-controlled musical instrument capable of playing tones and notes with movement variation. And yes, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we show up for a concert and one of the band guys is wailing on the Motion Synth.

Where do I get it? Kickstarter

How much? $68 special limited time offer, $110 full retail

shiner holiday cheer

Shiner Holiday Cheer

In the spirit for some spirits? Want those spirits to have their own holiday flare? Then you’ll want to pick up a six pack of Shiner Holiday Cheer. You’ll probably have to make a pitstop at one of your larger liquor stores when sourcing this great taste of Texas peaches and pecans with caramelized richness. It’s worth it, though, offering a superior substitute to Santa’s traditional milk and cookies. Probably not the same when it comes to dunking, though.

Where do I get it? From finer liquor stores that you can locate at the Shiner website

How much? About $9 per bottled six-pack


Vibram Five Fingers Toe Shoes

Okay, so you may find the Vibram Five Fingers product line inside one of your local footwear stores, but you probably won’t get to enjoy the 50 percent off premium discounts that the online store’s Black Friday event allows. While half-off does not apply to every selection, it lends a great deal of legitimacy to the situation and presents a host of options you’re likely to enjoy.

More than one dozen toe shoes qualify for the half-off distinction, while a number of other SKUs clock in at 30 and 40 percent off the normal price. The full sale can be viewed at this address.

Where do I get it? VibramFiveFingers website

How much? Varies

If you plan on heading out to a Black Friday event tomorrow or the next day, remember to use good judgment and patience. They’re your friends on this dark day of retail.

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