Making coffee – that’s actually good – is a real pain in the behind, right? Well with the BISTRO it is decidedly less so.

The people behind the BISTRO Electric Coffee Dripper, or basically your own personal Starbucks machine, claim that bitter, shit-tasting coffee is a thing of the past with one of their newest incarnations. The BISTRO coffee dripper boasts several advantages over your garden variety Mr. Coffee, like the high quality, removable (for cleaning) water tank linked to the filter via a glass-constructed pipe. Its filter, a titanium-plated and silicone work of art itself, needs no paper lining; from there your coffee is transported to a stainless steel, double-walled thermos that keeps it at the perfect temperature. The jug handles are constructed of heat-resistant silicone, too. And despite its relatively compact appearance, the BISTRO holds up to 40oz of coffee.

Technically and (especially) aesthetically speaking, the BISTRO coffee dripper blows every other system out of the filtered water.

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BISTRO Electric Coffee Dripper
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