Your health and wellbeing is serious business. Serious enough that you really should dedicate at least a finger’s worth of body real estate. That’s where the BioRing comes in. Unlike other wrist-based fitness and health trackers, BioRing sits comfortably on your ring finger where it doesn’t ever come to feel cumbersome or unwieldy.


Once you’ve slipped it on your finger, BioRing is able to provide you with information such as your calorie intake, fat intake, sleep level, stress level, activity intensity, water levels, distance and steps taken, heart rate, protein intake, and even calories burned. For those of you who are abreast of new developments in the fitness tracker space, you already know that the aforementioned features far outpaced anything that’s currently being done in the wrist-mounted world of gadgetry.

Curious about getting your own BioRing? Make sure you lend your support via the Indiegogo page below where you can become a backer today.

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BioRing Is The Least Intrusive Fitness Tracker Ever
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