You can now run almost as fast as the long-time fastest man in the world with the help of Keahi Seymour’s Bionic Boots. Usain Bolt’s land speed is 27 mph. These boots can help you run as fast as 25.

Seymour has been fascinated by the ostrich’s speed and has always dreamed of making human beings run faster. Hence, when he had the chance, he created his first bionic boots, a ridable device that’s meant to boost our speed.

These boots are designed emulating the Achilles tendons of the ostrich and kangaroo. So instead of the usual heels you see on your regular boots, you get springs that augment your running and even walking speed (cruising speed is about 15 mph).

Initially, these boots appeal to the extreme sports lovers, but with all the craziness on the road today, might as well get one for your daily trips.

In other words, instead of lacing up your Nikes the next time you have to grab a few groceries at the nearby store, stride in these bionic boots instead. They will even help you reach the topmost shelf without the help of a ladder.

What’s more, these boots can help you jump higher so obstacles you see around shouldn’t be a problem.

If your office or school is nearby, using the bionic boots is more viable than your bike. You can avoid traffic jam better because you can go through any humanly passable street plus you don’t have to worry about locking them up outside the way you secure your bike. It is also good for your health because you walk, run, and jump.

In case you fall, Seymour says getting back up is not a struggle at all.

The bionic boots are made from the same aluminum used on aircraft along with titanium, and carbon fiber and may be used on almost any surface including loose soil (see it in action below). In the future, Seymour is hoping to produce ones at the lower end of the spectrum to make it more affordable.

For more information and pricing, contact Seymour by clicking the “buy” button below.

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Bionic Boots Unleash the Usain Bolt In Us
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