If you’re like most guys, then you probably don’t have a green thumb. Luckily for us, we live in 2015 and there are connected devices that can actually help us become better gardeners. One of the best connected flower pots we’ve had the chance of discovering is called Biom and it bills itself as the world’s first “vegetal cyborg”, meaning that Biom turns your plant into a bio-mechanical pet so to speak.


Setting up Biom is simple. Just open the box, plant whatever sort of plant life you’re looking to grow, place it on a rail or any other surface, download the Biom smartphone companion app, set up your profile, and get Biom connected to your WiFi network. The whole process takes just minutes and once its set-up, you can monitor the status of your plants by either looking at the LED light located on Biom itself or by checking up on your plant via the aforementioned companion app. Biom will let you know if your plant needs more sun, water, fertilizer, warmer temperature, or just more love. You can get your own Biom by becoming a backer on their Kickstarter page today.

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Biom Will Let You Know When Your Plants Need More Attention
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