Hip, forward-thinking people know that dirty fossil fuels are the past and that green, clean, renewable forms of energy – e.g. solar, wind, turbine, hydroelectric – must start to come mainstream to preserve our beautiful, yet now-fragile planet. The BioLite CampStove stands out as a shining example toward those ends.

Outdoor adventurers will likely find it incredibly useful and innovative. Food is cooked with nothing more than a charge and a few twigs (or pine cones, wood chips, etc.), eliminating the need for dingy containers of gas. Think that’s the only benefit? Nope. CampStove transforms the heat produced by fire into viable energy, enabling charging of myriad gadgets like iPhones and digital cameras via a USB jack.

And as you could expect, the 33oz CampStove will also prove damn-handy around the house in a power outage.


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BioLite CampStove
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