Renewable energy is the future. So why is it that consumers can only buy home solar panels and not consumer-grade wind turbines? Well they can, and for much cheaper than you’d expect, too. Meet Binopterus, a revolutionary wind turbine which can help you offset your home’s CO2 emissions by providing your home with power even in low wind settings/areas.


Binopterus is perfect for those who are looking to save the planet and those who are looking to save their bank accounts, too. With this wind turbine you’ll actually be lowering your energy bill and — much like a solar panel — you can also sell the excess electricity back to your energy provider for profit. Binopterus generates little to no noise and can be mounted on roofs, low walls, building walls, parking lots, or even containers.

Curious about Binopterus and how it can fit into your home? Make sure you check out the Kickstarter project today where you can pre-order your own for as little as $2500.

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Binopterus Is A Home Wind Turbine That Pays For Itself
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