Bike multi-tools are thin on the ground, so when we see one, it excites us. But not as much as knowing a diesel version of Ford F-150 is actually in the works. It’s just enough for us to feature it here subtly saying, in a very manly manner, “Hey, check this out.”

So going back to this tool, Gentlemen’s Hardware Bike Mini Multi Tool is a set of tools for your bike (obviously, duh!). It includes a chain link remover, screwdriver, spanner, and torx tool. It’s crafted from stainless steel similar to the other stainless steel tools you see.

What sets this bike mini multi tool apart is it folds compactly just like a Swiss Knife or ST-13I CO2 Inflator / Mini Tool although it features fewer tools than the latter. Particularly, this one from Gentlemen’s hardware does not include an inflator. Nonetheless, it has almost all the tools you need for basic bike repairs.

Another thing we like about this multi tool, aside from its size—folded or not—is that all the mini tools are connected to the body. This means there will be no missing tools. Everything is where you expect it to be. Plus, the fact that it’s small, you can keep it in your pocket or hook it to your keychain.

Here are some reviews about it:

Assuming it holds up, this is a very nice tool at a very reasonable price. I’m a big fan of multi-tools, and of course have the requisite Leatherman at home. But it’s a bit bulkier than I like for carrying around. Granted, Leatherman comes in a variety of sizes. But I happened upon the Gentleman’s multi-tool at a local store the other day, and was really impressed by the quality (less so the retail price). When I discovered it could be had for a much lower price on Amazon, that sealed the deal. In the long run I may find that I got what I paid for. Perhaps the seeming sturdiness of this item will prove fleeting. Only time will tell. I’ll report back if it does. For the moment, though, I consider this an exceptionally good value for the price.—Librum

I actually purchased this off Andrew Zimmern’s website but he no longer lists it. I love this tool and use it all the time. Well thought out and the quality was much higher than i had expected for the price. I have used it for about 6 months now and no issues and it is still as tight as when it was new. If you need a tool to put in the backpack, jobsite bag, bug out bag, ect….this is it.—Amazon Customer

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