The Helicycle is one of those rare hybrids like the Flying Car. Only this time, it takes a traditionally ground-based transport like the bicycle and combines it with one of the most terrifying airborne vehicles of the last century. Forgive the editorializing. It took years to drag me kicking and screaming onto a plane, and now I’m supposed to buy in to a flying bike? No can do. However, for the braver sorts among you, this may be worth picking up.

You can get one from Hammacher now or attempt to build your own. Which is better? Whichever one doesn’t end up with you crashing to a fiery death. The Helicycle is a two-seat vehicle that converts from a three-wheeled motorcycle to a gyrocopter in 10 minutes. A 230-hp, four-cylinder engine powers it to a max of 112 mph on the road or in the air. When driven in street-legal mode, it can hit 60 mph from zero in just under eight seconds, with a proprietary tilting system that provides a motorcycle’s agility. Cojones not included.

Here’s a clip of it in action:

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