We’ve got news for you: your fridge isn’t the best way to keep your beers cold. In fact, you shouldn’t be storing your cold ones anywhere other than underground. Think we’re crazy? You haven’t heard about the Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler yet. Using your backyard’s own dirt, it keeps up to 16 beers at the perfect temperature as they sit inside of a plastic tube that measures just over three and a half feet deep.

Concerned about how it’ll make your lawn look? Relax. Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler is easy to conceal with some carefully-placed landscaping, and also has a built-in bottle opener at the top of the rack. A system that keeps your beers cool and will allow you to have more space in your fridge for leftovers? Sign us up!

Find out all about the Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler via the link below.

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Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler Is The Best Way To Keep A Cold One Cool
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