There’s pretty much nothing that couldn’t be improved with just a little shininess. Shiny says “new car”, and “polished silverware”, and “hey, this is shiny”. Theory 11 has now extended that principle to the simple playing card, with predictably elegant results. 

The Titanium Edition playing cards are based on the traditional Rider Back design of Bicycle playing cards, the most popular brand of card since the 19th century. The difference is that they’re printed in a special custom cocktail of subtle metallic inks. Ergo, shiny! You can pick them up in steel blue or crimson red to match your new sports car, or serve as a low-cost substitute for one.

And if that wasn’t shiny enough, even the box has metallic foil on five sides while still retaining the familiar Rider Back design. It really is a beautiful, modern adaptation of a classic.

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Bicycle Titanium Edition | By Theory11
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