Bic pens have become a household name and rightfully so. They’re affordable and highly reliable. Whether you are using it for your exam, contract signing, or any thing in between, Bic pens surely fit the bill.

This is probably why Spain-based designer Juan Carlos Fanes chose them to be the objects of his desire…to create handy tools for our everyday writing needs.

Fanes created the Bictools to ditch the “pen-only” idea we have always associated these pens with. These add-ons will turn your writing tools into a ruler, scalpel, paper bender, ballpoint to compass, calligraphy tools, precision blade, and a lot more.

And the best part is it doesn’t need rocket science for you to transform these pens. Bictools are just pen caps that you have to click on and off anytime you need to.

It is unlike the other multi-tool pens that we have seen here, though, where all the necessary parts or tools are integrated into the pen. The Bictools are devices independent of each other.

Check out these images to get a clearer grasp of how they’re used.

As of this writing, we don’t have a word yet on how to purchase these tools, but you may contact its designer directly. Just click the “buy” button below.

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Bictools: Tools for your Bic Pens
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