It was probably the first episode where my girlfriend didn’t at some point, shout, “Oh my god, Seth McFarlane, what the hell?!” while trying to stifle a giggle and then proclaiming that she was also going straight to hell for laughing. I’m pretty sure that Family Guy is about the last show I’d ever imagine her clutching the tissue and bawling to, but that’s just what happened when Brian Griffin was run over by a car in Sunday night’s episode, “Life of Brian.” The family then replaces him with an Italian dog, Vinny, voiced by Tony Sirico.

I’m going to have to disagree with Eric Thurm over at the AV Club and quite a few other write ups I’ve seen. I like Tony Sirico, but I don’t like Vinny. Now, maybe it’s just because they were trying to keep things poignant, but it just felt like the dog on the show had jumped the shark.

I couldn’t help hoping the petition to bring back Brian Griffin would be successful and maybe, just maybe they kill this flat character off. I also couldn’t help wondering as I watched it if it wasn’t deliberate. The petition on and everything? (Please, don’t tell me if that’s not social satire. I need to keep one shred of my faith in humanity intact.) Over a cartoon dog who often engaged in that very sort of thing? Who knows. I guess we’ll see.

If you didn’t know, he was 8 years old in human years, making him roughly 55 in dog years. So, to celebrate the Life of Brian, we’re going to go into the top five funniest Brian Griffin bits in the series.

“You just tune this out, don’t you? Wah! Well tune this out! Wah!”

Lois: Brian, did you dig in in the trash can last night?

Brian: Nope……

Brian, we’re gonna have ants!

This one kind of goes without quoting. I mean, it’s Frank Sinatra Jr.

First one to the kitchen wins!

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