Another VTOL aircraft is seen at the CES event in the Sin City. But unlike other previous displays of similar vehicles, this one’s a cabin only. But don’t get us wrong, the entire flying vehicle is not a cabin only kind of aircraft. Instead, its makers chose to show off only the dismembered part “to keep competitors at bay.” There is a complete version of this yet unnamed aircraft being tested somewhere in Bell’s secret backyard.

To keep competitors even more at bay, Bell hasn’t disclosed how in the world this thing could fly. Whether there will be four or eight rotors, a battery, or a fuel powered engine is still a secret. But knowing that Bell knows the aircraft industry more than anyone else (they created the military helicopter called V-22 Osprey anyway), we should trust them on this.

Anyway, what we know so far is that this is an air taxi that will offer vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), and according to a report, once it’s settled up in the air, it will be flying like a plane. But again, we don’t know the exact technology that will fly this thing.

Despite the lack of technical details, the cabin on display at the CES event looks promising. It looks like a cross between a helicopter and a light aircraft. Bell says this aircraft will “be a part of the internet of things.” Bell’s director of innovation says “The customer will be experiencing a part of the Internet of Things as they travel in the vehicle, with the connectivity that’s going to happen from the place they took off from to the place they’re going, with the ability to connect to friends, workers, colleagues, et cetera.”

This Internet of Things may be referring to the artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi, wireless charging, and video calling an article enumerated.

Bell Air Taxi is expected to fly in 2020.

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