Welcome to The Beer Room! The only thing that sucks about this idea is that you’ll have to go all the way to Germany to take advantage of it. The Beer Barrel Bed is located in a retired 19th Century husk that was in use till around 1995. The barrel can be rented as a double or single — there’s plenty of room for both — and the room itself has two additional beds enabling groups of four to stay in a single location.

There are other bells and whistles in The Beer Room, but this is one location where you probably won’t want to get out of bed. One note: don’t get excited about the price featured here. If you want to convert a barrel of your own, it’ll take much, much more dough than that. What you’re seeing is the per night rate, so save up for your trip to Schlichtenfelde, Ostbevern, Nordrhein-Westfalen 48346, Germany, and this experience can be yours.

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Beer Barrel Bed
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