Before you go off thinking, “What do I need a personal AC in my bed for — it’s winter!?,” listen up. The Bedjet doesn’t just cool your sheets so you can survive those blistering summer months. It also regulates temperature providing warm air during the winter. Just how much warm air? Well, according to the company behind it, it’s about 15 times faster at warming you up than the electric blanket. And unlike the electric blanket, it won’t get you too hot because you forgot to turn it off before drifting to sleep.

There are two main ways that you can use the Bedjet: cool or heat the sheets before you get in to bed, or turn it on for a few bursts while you’re actually laying down. The device must be kept near the edge of your bed with the tubing that ports air extended up to your fitted sheet. You will need to keep the top sheet or blanket over it for it to be effective, or else the air will dissipate.

You can start it up for a preemptive heating or cooling, and your body heat will do the rest throughout the night. Everything can be regulated via the smartphone app.


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Bedjet: The Personal AC For Your Bed
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