We’ve seen smart pens, smart watches, smart glasses, and smart trackers. But smart insoles? That’s a first! From ReTiSense, comes Stridalyzer— the world’s first smart insoles for your shoes.

As you can imagine, Stridalyzer aren’t your granddaddy’s insoles. They’re equipped with multiple sensors which help to detect how your foot lands, rolls, and pushes off the ground. Setting Stridalyzer up is easy and all you’ll need to do is put the insoles inside your shoes, turn on the app on your smartphone, and start running; Stridalyzer automatically detects that you’re moving and starts compiling data on your run.


While using Stridalyzer, you may receive alerts on your smart phone informing you that your heel is overstressed or that you’re persistently overpronating. These alerts are designed to be non-instrusive and will only appear if there’s relevant data to share. The goal here is to avoid foot and knee injuries while helping you become a better, more efficient runner.

If running is a hobby of yours, then Stridalyzer is a no-brainer. It’s currently on Kickstarter and has obtained $20,000 out of its $25,000 goal with 7 days left to go. Runners of the world unite!

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