Don’t trust the weatherman? We don’t blame you. It seems that their predictions can vary greatly from spot on to wildly inaccurate. Luckily, you can now become your very own weatherman with Tempi, a Bluetooth device that gives you super accurate temperature and humidity readings.


Setting up Tempi is simple. You can either wear it on your person in order to have weather information wherever you are or just place it on the Tempi base. Once you’ve chosen where you want to place your Tempi, you can then pair the device with your smart phone to start getting a reading. Since it’s also a humidity sensor, Tempi is perfect for those who need to run a dehumidifier or keep their cigars from getting too humid. If you want an ultra precise reading or maybe just need to keep track of ambient temperature changes throughout your home then you can pair up to 9 Tempis with your smartphone. Talk about setting up your own weather station!

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Be Your Own Weatherman With Tempi
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