We all agree that biking is the best mode of transportation. It’s hassle-free—you can go through the narrowest street. It doesn’t pollute the environment. And most importantly, you burn calories en route to your destination.

But when the sun starts to kiss the horizon, the cloak of invisibility begins to conceal our favorite transport, and we become victims of unlimited hits, bumps, and whatnot.

To avoid being vulnerable to motorists, get yourself this bike illumination system from Nori Lights. These light strips are attached to your rims and glow whether you’re parked or on the fly.

These strips fit all bikes and motorcycles with 6 mm of non-braking side-rim surface and last about 60-80 hours. After which, you have to buy two replacement 2032 coin cell batteries.

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Be More Visible at Night with Nori Lights Bicycle Illumination System
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