If creativity and you have never been friends and the upcoming Christmas season is challenging your decorating skills, we give you The ONE Bauble Gift Set. Once your guests see these hanging on your Christmas tree, they’ll unanimously agree that you just won Christmas.

You see, The ONE Bauble Gift Set is not your ordinary trinket. It is instead a set of six plastic baubles containing The ONE from The Lakes Distillery, the third biggest distillery in England.

The ONE is “the one and only” British Isles blended whiskey from the UNESCO Heritage Site, Lake District. It is a combination of whiskeys from Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales.

Each bauble holds 5cl of the said liquor that is locked in with the help of screw caps. These may be hung along with your other Christmas tree decors, but please remember that this is still alcohol. They have to be placed far from any heat source such as the fairy lights and open flames.

To give justice to its taste, I’ll define it by quoting the makers themselves:

“The nose is complex yet balanced with aromas of fresh fruits, treacle, light spice and gentle peat-smoke. Palate is rich and balanced with notes of honey-roasted nuts, spice, and hints of dried fruits and wood smoke.”

You may also purchase a solo The ONE bauble that contains 20cl of the blended whiskey. There is also The Lakes Gin, which is also a 6-pack gift set. But instead of having one type of liquor, you get three—The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Sloe Gin, and The Lakes Damson Gin. It is also available in a 20cl bauble.

And no celebration will be complete without vodka, and for that, there’s The Lakes Vodka–available in both the 6-piece 5 cl and the solo 20 cl.

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The ONE Whisky Bauble 6-Pack Gift Set
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