Are Mach 3s and other forms of disposable razors just not cutting it any more? (Sorry.) If not, then you may want to switch to something a little more old school that’s twice as effective. We’re talking about the hard steel of Baxter of California’s Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor.

Inspired by the handcrafted Base Camp X Axe, this second edition is designed with the most serious shavers in mind. Produced in the Base Camp X studio in Toronto and inspired by the BCX Axe handle, each razor’s handle is made of Appalachian Hickory wood and cut and shaped by hand, with a special focus on the grain of the wood. Sanded to a marble smoothness, multiple finishing coats are applied to create a deep black stain and velvety polish that is moisture-resistant. The blade is 6/8 of an inch wide and is made from blue steel with the final product wrapped in an olive drab water-resistant canvas pouch. Now that’s a man’s razor.

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Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor: A Must-Have For Your Shaving Arsenal
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