If you’re like most people then you treat the airport as a place to show off your recently acquired travel gadgets. Whether you’re wearing beats, showing the world that glowing Apple logo on the back of your MacBook, or propelling forward with your connected luggage following you, we all like to show off.

Yet the truth is that no one really cares. That’s because everything has been done before you ever came to the airport. No, if you really want to up the game and be unique then what you’ll really be needing is your very own Barracuda.


For those of you not in the know, Barracuda is a piece of connected “smart luggage” which can also charge your gadgets, collapse down into a more manageable size, and most importantly for our fellow showoffs — it actually contains an extendable personal tray to rest your laptop on.

Want to get your hands on the most useful and eye-catching piece of luggage ever made by human hands? Make sure you check out the link below and purchase your own.

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Barracuda Is Connected Luggage With A Built-In Laptop Tray
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