Enjoy beautifully crafted drinks with this coffee bean machine from Sage by Heston Blumenthal. This coffee machine will guarantee that you find that perfect coffee blend with the exceptional 14 pre-programmed choices to choose from. With the Thermojet heating system technology, it will attain that perfect brewing level in just 4 seconds. Thus, you'll never have to wait several minutes just to have your morning coffee. It saves you time and effort.


The crafty automatic milk wand makes cloudy and airy foam for your choice of drink. It is easy to use and thanks to the high-tech screen controls, as well as on-screen tutorials, your espresso, and other coffee drinks, will look as if it were made in a high-class coffee shop. The tutorials will also help you make coffee beverages flawlessly.

Barista Touch Coffee Machine has a compact footprint which includes automatic milk texturing and pre-programmed coffee menu. A built-in coffee grinder provides the right amount of coffee. Within 4 seconds, your in-demand coffee drink can be served right away, faster than ever.

The intuitive touchscreen display provides basic "How To" in making your favorite coffee. You can simply adjust the amount of milk texture and coffee. It also allows you to adjust the coffee temperature that suits your preference. Afterward, you can save it as one of your personalized coffees.

Both the automatic micro-foam milk texturing and precise espresso extraction allows you to adjust the milk texture and ensure the ideal espresso extraction. When it comes to hands-free operation, the Barista Touch Coffee Machine permits you to grind your coffee beans directly to the espresso portafilter.

The coffee machine package includes an instruction manual, water hardness test strip, cleaning kit, precision dose trimming tool, ClaroSwiss water filter, 480ml stainless steel jug, wall filter baskets, and a 54mm full stainless steel portafilter. In addition, it has a coffee connoisseur and a 40.7 (H) x 32.2 (W) x 39.4 (D) dimension.

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