For people who need caffeine even before they open their eyes in the morning - what if you can have freshly-brewed coffee A SECOND - yes, a second - after reaching out to turn off your alarm clock?

Move over, Ninja Coffee Bar. The Barisieur has arrived. Not only does it make coffee or tea, but it wakes up people, too.  

Designed and founded by Josh Renouf, the Barisieur is sort of like your portable coffee or tea maker. It was inspired by a combination of the modern ritual of filter coffee with the classic vinyl record player. The Barisieur aims to stimulate all the senses. Before you welcome the morning, listen to the sounds of the coffee bubbling. Smell the coffee brewing. When you open your eyes, watch the water move from container to the filter. Touch the Barisieur, add milk to your coffee or tea. Finally, taste your deliciously brewed coffee and start the morning right.

Here is how the Barisieur works:

  1. Put water inside the vessel on the left. The vessel rests on a stainless steel base which is heated by an induction hob.
  2. The steam pressure forces the water out of the vessel, through the bung located at the top, and onto the stainless still filter on the right.
  3. The milk vessel in the middle can be lifted out from the tray. It is cooled overnight/ through the day with the bespoke peltier cooler.
  4. A sealed drawer is under the cup and has a removable divider for sugar, coffee, or tea.
  5. The alarm/clock/pour time can be set on the left (under the water vessel).

The Barisieur uses induction heating so there is only efficient boiling time. The alarm clock/coffee maker is also easy to clean. Glassware and stainless steel parts are all dishwasher safe.