Let’s face it, you don’t smell all that great. None of us do. Don’t believe us? Try going a couple of days without showering and then asking a bro to give you his honest opinion on your odor. Chances are that he’ll say you reek. Luckily for all of us odor-emitting meatbags, we can now enjoy odor-free and stain-free clothing from Odo.


By using the chemical properties of silver, Odo has achieved clothing that’s made for the messiest and smelliest amongst us. You could literally pour honey, coffee, wine, tea, ketchup, or soda and just watch it slide off of your Odo-branded tees or jeans without ever leaving a stain.  Pretty amazing right? Even better than that trick is the price. For just $95 you can get your own Odo jeans in any cut (straight, slim, etc.) by ordering directly through Odo’s Kickstarter page. So what are you waiting for? Banish stains and odor forever with Odo!

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Banish Stains and Odors Forever With Odo
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