Pets deserve the best of the best accommodations too, right? The folks at Pet Lounge Studios certainly thought so.

Behold the Bambu Pet Hammock. Made by an organization that heralds the ‘humanization’ of family pets and lives by the motto of balancing form, function, and environmental-savvy, the Pet Hammock is crafted from a premium flavor of teak/mahogany-esque bamboo. Furthermore, the fabulous Pet Hammock is outfitted with an uber-chic, suede cushion, anchored via stainless steel clamps. The sleeping surface, according to the PLS, even “responds to their body weight making it much more supportive and comfortable than an overstuffed cushion.” Only pets under 30 lbs. can snooze on the New Age-ish doggy bed, though.

We don’t know about your pet, but in our experience, ‘ole Fido still swears by his overstuffed cushion (or the king-sized bed us humans use) more than anything.

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Bambu Pet Hammock
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