Even as I stare at the proof of its existence (they’re currently taking preorders), I cannot believe that it is real. No. I will not believe that it is real. BaconAir, the Bacon-Flavored Oxygen Inhaler. Say it with me. Are you feeling the absurdity now?

Marketed as a solution for fighting diseases, boosting energy, and enhancing sexual performance and many other problems because of the 95% pure Himalayan oxygen it contains, BaconAir could very well be your new best friend. Not only can it do all of the above, but it also brings you that hit of bacon flavor that you just can’t live without. Sounds a bit contradictory doesn’t it? But never fear. BaconAir promises to do away with all of the pesky side effects of bacon ingestion (re: weight gain, sodium overload, lethargic mindset, etc) by simply giving you pure bacon flavor without the calories or fat. Sounds perfectly healthy to me. Where do I sign up?

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BaconAir | Bacon-Flavored Oxygen Inhaler
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