Losing your wallet sucks. Thankfully, AVIADOR is hitting the scene to help us keep track of our valuables. AVIADOR itself is a slim wallet similar to what we’ve seen from Bellroy. It’s also a Bluetooth-powered tracker with a built-in NFC chip. It’s also capable of sending alerts to your smartphone if the wallet has been opened and money or credit cards have been removed. The aforementioned NFC chip allows the wallet to be used as a payment system and AVIADOR even contains an electronic key that can be used to open smart locks.


AVIADOR is stylish, and its design is starkly minimal.  The wallet itself comes in over 12 different colors. Just holding the wallet feels good, and you can tell that it’s actually hand-made with fine Austrian leather. No doubt about it, AVIADOR is just the smartest and most stylish wallet we’ve seen yet.

AVIADOR is currently in the crowdfunding process over at Indiegogo. It looks like it’ll be funded though, as it has now raised $63,839USD of its $1,000 goal.

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AVIADOR Is The First Smart Wallet We've Seen
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