Remember Automatic? The handy little car computer was one of our favs back when we reviewed it last year. Well, now the company is back with a new version of its connected car adapter which does away with the troublesome Bluetooth pairing which it required in order to send detailed statistics on your car as well as your driving to your phone.


The new version, dubbed Automatic Pro, includes free 3G connectivity for five years and will actually go farther than its predecessors capabilities by allowing you to track your vehicles location and status no matter where you’ve left it in the world. In fact, it can even send you alerts when your car starts or parks in order to prevent wandering around the parking lot or accidentally leaving the headlights on. As if all of that weren’t enough, Automatic Pro can even stop theft!

You can find out more about Automatic Pro via the link below. Trust us, you’ll never see you car the same way once you’ve installed it.

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Automatic Pro Will Let You Know Where Your Car Is At All Times
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