The August Smart Lock isn’t designed to work only one month out of the year; it’s “August” as in “inspiring awe or admiration.” And you’re likely to be in awe and admiration of this secure and convenient way of managing access to your home or office.

With the August, you use an app on your smartphone or tablet instead of a key to lock and unlock your door. August employs encrypted technology so hackers can’t copy the code. You can also send invites to people who typically access your home or office, such as a cleaning person, and set specific times when they can enter and leave. The August informs you and creates log records whenever someone enters or leaves your home or office. When someone no longer needs access, simply remove them from the share list.

The August runs on four AA batteries, and you’ll receive a reminder whenever the batteries run low. The signal between your mobile device and the lock travels across Bluetooth, so you never have to worry about power outages or your WiFi connection going down. If your smartphone’s or tablet’s batteries die, you’ll have a physical key to lock and unlock the August. So maybe you don’t get to toss out all the keys, but it’s a start!

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Toss Out Your Keys With The August Smart Lock
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