Summer is just a good a time as any to buy yourself some cologne and if you really want to stand out then you’d be doing yourself a favor by buying a bottle of L’Envol De Cartier. With notes of ambrosia, wood, honey, patchouli, and musk, it makes for a scent which recalls sophistication and mystery.


While the fragrance is worth writing an entire article on by itself, Cartier’s L’Envol’s bottle is really where the innovation is happening. The cologne is held in a bulb which itself is set inside an outer glass bell, creating an aesthetically pleasing look which recalls honey. This bottle will look good on any table and immediately call attention to your refined tastes. Another benefit of Cartier’s design is that it allows L’Envol bottles to be refilled, a marked difference from its competition.

Want to find out more about L’Envol De Cartier? Check out the link below. Do yourself a favor and order a bottle.

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Attract More Female Attention With A Bottle Of L'Envol De Cartier!
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