Isn’t it about time that your backpack did more than just store your personal belongings? If you think so, then make sure you keep on reading so you can find out more about Aster. Unlike regular backpacks, Aster may just very well be the world’s first life-saving bag. It’s equipped with useful security-focused features such as integrated bike lights, turn signals, and automatic brake indication. The inclusion of these features ensures that the car behind you can easily anticipate your movements as you ride your bicycle throughout town.


Aster has more to offer than just the aforementioned features, though. It actually integrates a 4,000mAh battery into its housing, has an emergency info slot, can serve as a helmet-holder, is totally water resistant, and even has 16 LED lights — and that’s not even the half of it.

Aster is a must-have product for anyone who enjoys cycling, even as the most amateur level. Make sure you lend your support to this ambitious project via Indiegogo today.

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Aster Adds Turn Signals And Other Safety Features To Your Backpack
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