RFID, which stands for either Really Freakin’ Annoying, Dude or Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology that causes everyone who walks in or out of large chain stores to set off beepers for no reason and then just keep walking.

Because credit cards have RFID strips in them, they’re vulnerable to having their info swiped for identity theft purposes.  This means that RFID blocking wallets were a nearly inevitable response.  A couple of entrepreneurs came out with the Articulate Wallet a few years back and began seeking funding via Kickstarter, etc.  Now, they unveil the 2.0 version.

In addition to the RFID blocking, the wallets are slim, with slanted corners for easy credit card pulling.  They’re chock-a-block with little hidden compartments for people who pretend they need hidden compartments.   They come in more colors than we could expect–we like the brown with beige ourselves–and for extra cheddar you can mix and match main color with trim.

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Articulate Wallet 2.0 Fights The RFID Boogeyman
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