A notebook is a notebook is a notebook, right? It’s paper, spiral-bound, maybe with a picture on the cover. Perhaps of an adorable puppy. Yawn. If only, you have often thought to yourself, somebody would think to replace that puppy with something lethal, and in 3D. Well wait no more!

Along comes Molla Space with this series of weaponized spiral-bound notebooks, each featuring a 3D molded death-dealing cover. Variations available include a grenade, a big, wicked knife, and a handgun, respectively featuring grid pages, lined, or completely blank depending on what particular dastardly plans you want to write down in them.

The company says they represent how creativity expressed through words and pictures can be a more powerful weapon than these symbols of violence. But it’s much more likely you want one because they look really badass.

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Armed Notebooks | By MollaSpace
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