Aping some sort of outlandish alien (yes, in the unearthly way) transport vehicle, the ArchiPOD is—according to its makers—a mini-office/getaway-spot that installs in spaces like your home (assuming you have a large enough door to squeeze it through!) or backyard for purposes such as working, creating, or just escaping a sometimes obnoxiously annoying world.

Whatever the activity transpiring whilst stationed in the Great Acorn, err, ArchiPOD, some level of work/play is bound to materialize.

The ArchiPOD, similar to the OfficePOD, wears a skin of Western Red Cedar shingles over a solid-timber structure. Its walls are triply-sealed (none of that pesky, Earthly calamity in here!) and sport an oh-so-soothing color. Furthermore,  the 12 1/2′ x 8.25′ interior yields absolutely no joints (augmenting the feeling of peaceful isolation), a little porthole, a built-in heater (you KNOW this musta been conceived of in some frigid, Scandinavian country), ‘mood’ lighting, and a charming dome that slides open for fresh air.

We’re left thinking only one thing: Could this be employed as a miniature version of the iconic “man cave”?!

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