China and America working together for a cost effective solution to energy efficiency? What is this world coming to? Hopefully, a very nice thing in the Aptera Electric Car. And not just because of the international spirit of cooperation either. How does 200 miles per gallon sound?

It would at least make it more difficult for major unnamed corporations to gouge you at the pump!

The Aptera 2e resembles a small aircraft (minus the wings) and reminds us of something Marty McFly might have encountered in Back to the Future Part 2. Chinese corporation Jonway Group, real estate guy Rick Deringer and “several American minority investors,” according to Fox News, are backing the car. The China group will handle assembly, while electrical outfitting will be handled by an assembly plant in Santa Rosa, Calif.

The 2e will run on three wheels and seat two. The back is designed for use as a storage area, and the car will go 100 miles before it needs another charge, so big trips may not be feasible just yet, but it’s perfect for getting around.

Deringer expects to roll out around 25,000 in 2013. Stay tuned for price!

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Aptera 2e Electric Car
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