“I can’t adult,” say all individuals who have just realized that they have to start paying bills on their own. Add to that all the stress and pressures that come with being a grownup, it’s really challenging not to wish childhood were forever.

It may be impossible to stop ourselves from growing old, but with the help of science, we can avoid looking old and such is the power of The Immortal.


Made with Vitamin C-rich ingredients such as raw cacao, pomegranate, rhodiola, acai, Gogi berry, Dulse, Shiitake, He Shou Wu, and Gubinge, this tonic promises to slow the signs of skin aging and fatigue to give you the youthful glow.

To use, mix it with any of your favorite drinks or steep in hot water and consume like tea.

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Apotheca The Immortal is the Drinkable Fountain of Youth
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