So, the time’s ripe for taking to the freshly-packed slopes. You’ve got your ski gear and are all weather-proofed. But wait, <–insert clumsy marketing pitch here–> don’t forget to bring a quality pair of ski-worthy eyewear!

Besides the clearly badass name, Anon M1 goggles are basically the real deal for the pretty-serious to serious skier. Boasting six magnet connections and capable of absorbing up to 20 lbs (fully bonded), the M1 is constructed of and features: high-def, spherical, dual lenses; anti-fog-coated construction; triple seals; a design that provides maximum ventilation, and compatibility with myriad helmets. Above all, they’re built to snugly fit the rider while providing superior comfort and sport utility. And all of that functionality doesn’t leave behind style: Each pair sports laser-engraved insignia and top-grade materials – i.e. high grade polymers, suede, leather and so forth. Frames and lenses can be had in color schemes like “Abyss”, “Blue Lagoon”, “Blue Solex” and several others.

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Anon M1 Goggles
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