Summer is a great time of the year to go fishing. There’s just nothing like warm weather and open water extending endlessly in front of you. If you’re serious about fishing, and let’s face it you are if you’re reading this post, then you should really consider investing in the Anglr Fishing Tracker.


As you’d expect with a name like that, the Anglr is like a fitness tracker for your rod. Easily installed on your rod itself. Easily installed, the device will add a Bluetooth-enabled device that will be able to automatically log how many times you cast, where, when, and exactly how many fish you really caught. If that’s not enough for you, Anglr can also analyze your reeling behavior, cast direction, and even the fish’s fight time so you can have all the data you need to become the best fisherman out there. More information via the link below.

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Anglr Is A Fitness Tracker For Your Rod. Your Fishing Rod That Is.
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