Isn’t the best technology not only the one that will improve your life but also potentially save it? We think so. That’s why we’re excited about Amyko, an NFC-packing modular bracelet which can connect with smartphones and tables in order to share medical information in emergency situations. Amyko will allow first responders information as detailed as your allergies, food intolerances, blood type, weight, and more allowing them to take the necessary actions to keep you alive.


Depending on your privacy settings you can even allow anyone with a smartphone to be able to view the information you want to display and your relatives’ contacts. This way even if a first responder isn’t available, a good samaritan may be able to do their best to save you.

Amyko can be preordered on Indiegogo today for the low price of just $25. A small price to pay for the chance of surviving a terrifying ordeal don’t you think?

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Amyko Can Save Your Life In An Emergency Situation
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