Backpacks have been around for literally hundreds of years and while they’ve gotten fancier looking, their function hasn’t really kept up with the pace of technological changes our society has undergone in recent years. Until now. Meet AMPL, the backpack which will charge all of your gadgets with integrated expansion batteries and USB ports in every pocket. AMPL can charge devices of nearly any size from smart phones to tablets to laptops, without any issue.

Smart Backpack

As an added convenience, you can even monitor and control charging right from your smart phone without ever having to open your backpack’s zipper. AMPL was designed with durability in mind and this backpack is actually able to keep your gear safe with its innovative new type of shock absorbers and totally water-resistant coating. AMPL comes is various power configurations and the cost of the product depends on your charging needs. Check out AMPL on Indiegogo today and discover for yourself what the future of the backpack is shaping up to look like like.

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AMPL Is The Future Of The Backpack
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