As much as our iPhones have become an extension of our brains, they still have one major hangup, namely that eternal “water+electricity” situation. This creates problems ranging from swimming to simply walking home in the rain.

The Amphibx Fit armband tries to remedy that. They have created an armband that is waterproof up to 12 ft. underwater, yet still gives you full functionality of your iPhone, Droid, iPod or any other large phone or MP3 player. Furthermore, even with the Velcro armband attached and a phone in place, it will still float. Combined with a pair of waterproof headphones (which are also available from the same site), and you’re set for whatever aquatic challenge you face in your day.

Whether you like music while you swim, or you just live in the rainy part of the world, your little gadgets will stay safe and dry.

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Amphibx Fit | Waterproof Armband
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