Let’s face it, your phone offers a generally subpar audio experience. Between the tinny sounding speakers and crappy earbuds it came with, there’s a whole lot to be desired regardless of whether you’re looking to listen to music or podcasts.


While Android phones do tend to sport more advanced speakers made in collaboration with big names in the audio industry, the problem is even worse on the iPhone. Fact is, despite what Apple fanboys tell themselves Apple just isn’t that interested in helping you reach a state of audio nirvana. So what’s one to do when Tim Cook has turned his back on you? Easy, turn to AMP of course.

AMP is the perfect aftermarket case solution for iPhone-wielding audiophiles. Not only will it upgrade your headphones with custom tailored sound and dynamic noise reduction tech, but it’ll also improve your ambient listening experience as well. What makes AMP so great is that it’ll actually learn what type of music you listen to, and how good your hearing is, in order to boost your audio where it needs it the most. Amazing.

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AMP Will Give Your iPhone The Audio Capabilities It Deserves
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