Want to know the problem with fitness trackers these days? They all look so darn bad. If you’ve been curious about knowing how many calories you burn during any given day, how far you’ve been walking lately, and a whole bunch of other fitness-related stats but want a tracker that can also double as male jewelry, then maybe you should look into purchasing your very own Amazfit.

Available in over 5 different “looks”, 4 of which are bracelets and one of which is a pendant, this activity tracker is just as advanced as anything to come out of Jawbone or FitBit while not drawing attention to itself or to the fact that you’re a total stats nerd. It’s hard to overstate just how good these fitness trackers look, so we think that the fact they’ve won a Reddot Design Award earlier this year speaks to the fact that they look damn good.

Find out more by clicking the “BUY” link below. Once you’re on the Amazfit website, you’ll be able to purchase a fitness tracker that matches your style perfectly.

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Amazfit Is The Most Gorgeous Looking Fitness Tracker Ever
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