Far too many of us have graduated with old high school or college friends who for whatever reason met a cruel fate on the back of a motorcycle. Two individuals this writer knew personally suffered death or dismemberment as a result of separate motorcycle accidents. And while the risks can never be fully abated, the Alpinestars Tech Air Suit can be the difference between death, serious injury and escaping an incident free from harm.

The suit contains shoulder-mounted airbags and a system that “senses” disarray approximately 45 milliseconds before impact. (Impact on average takes around 100 milliseconds to occur even in the most extreme of incidents.) The airbags deploy in plenty of time and offer maximum protection for five seconds.

That means the next time you take out your Ducati Monster or other bike of choice, make sure you throw this on first. The fashionable leather covering will keep you looking as cool as your bike, and it could save your life.

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Alpinestars Tech Air Suit
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