Will 2016 be the year of personal robotics? China-based UBTECH thinks so, and they’re certain that their Alpha 1S robot will be the one which will usher in a (hopefully peaceful) revolution in robotics.


Alpha 1S is a programmable, interactive, and affordable personal robot which is aimed at families. It’s perfectly designed with high-precision servo joints and software in order to allow for seamless movement and interaction. Easy to program and set up for autonomous operation, Alpha 1S can also be controlled via smartphone app (facilitated through Bluetooth 4.0). It’s more than suitable for young amateurs due to its high-grade environmentally-friendly (and finger friendly) materials which make it both durable and safe.

Once you’ve set it up, Alpha 1S can operate for up to an hour at a time provided that it’s constantly in movement. If your Alpha 1S isn’t going to be using much energy moving around then it’ll last significantly longer than that. You can get your own for just $469 via the Digg store.

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Alpha 1S Ushers In A New Year Of Personal Robotics
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