Remember the Snorelax adhesive sheet that stops your snoring at night? If you don’t like something sticking in your face, you can try the Airing Micro CPAP. It is scientifically designed to allow breathing without snoring. It seeks to eliminate sleep apnea, so anyone can have the opportunity to relax and sleep well.

The Airing Micro CPAP has 6 components, namely: Battery, Micro-Blowers, Pressure Sensors, Electronics, Nose Buds, and Body. The last 2 components are visible while the rest are found within the body of the CPAP device. The construction consists of the nose buds, inhalation vents, exhalation vents, and housing.

The nose buds are made of comfortable and soft silicone engineered to remain in place in the nostril and form a perfect seal without the need for straps or cords. As the user inhales, the air enters through the inhalation vent and it is filtered and drawn into several micro-blowers to create the precise airway pressure needed by your body. On the other hand, as the user exhales, the unfettered airflow exits through the micro-screens.

As for the housing, it is designed with an injection molded shell that can hold all electronic components such as the battery, micro-blowers, pressure sensors, and other electronics.

Unlike the traditional CPAP masks, the Airing Micro CPAP is designed for 1 night’s use; however, it is still recyclable. By this, you no longer have to clean anything since you get a clean device every night. It also eliminates noisy hum from CPAP devices and the mess caused by uncomfortable straps.

The Airing Micro CPAP has a running time of more than 8 hours. The battery is powered by a Zinc-air battery so it can provide about 10X more stored energy as the lithium-ion battery.  It is an inexpensive and proven technology that is used in Polaroid film packages and hearing aids.

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Airing Micro CPAP: World’s First Maskless, Hoseless, Cordless Micro-CPAP Device
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